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-New York International Film Awards "Best Short Documentary"

-Oniros Film Awards New York "Best Short Documentary"

-SFC Film Festival " Honorable Mention" 

-Lift Off Global Network 2022 "Official Selection"

-Golden Bridge İstanbul Short Film Festival "Official Selection"

The Golden Girls of Etrim

-22. Izmir International Film Festival "Official Selection"

-AFSAD Short Film Festival "Merter Oral Special Award"

-Cannes Film Awards "Official Selection"

-The 5th Meihodo International Youth and Visual Media Festival "Bronze Prize" 

-Lift Off Global Network 2022 "Official Selection"

-Kino Festival "Light of the World" Russia 2022 "Official Selection"

Golden Girls of Etrim


-Firenze Archeofilm Festival "Official Selection"

Hello Teacher

-SFC Film Festival " Honorable Mention" 


-18. International Labor Film Festival "Official Selection"

-Lift Off Global Network 2022 "Official Selection"


-Tayf International Short Film Festival "Second Prize" 


İstanbul'da Bir Apaçi

-28. Ifsak Short Film Festival Audience Award

-2007 Cannes Film Festival Turkish Catalog Official Selection 

An Apache in Istanbul
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